Link building companies play a role in search engine optimization but is using them the best way to go to increase traffic?

And what are the best link building strategies?

The whole idea as you create a link is to get a vote of popularity for your website or blog by getting another web property to place a link back to your webpage in their content to help with the seo marketing of that page.

link building companies graphicThe idea of opting for one of the many link building companies that are advertised on the internet is to save time and to delegate the boring task of building backlinks to your site to other people.

It is a major mistake to just hire any link building company from the many companies offering their services to make these submissions because these experts could be charging you a fee for getting links in net content that could damage the ranking of your website in the search engines.

The sad truth is that many of the so called SEO link builder services out there use one or more wrong processes that can get your site penalized by the Google search engine.

Using a seo marketing hire service and paying an agency for a pile of connections, that may be good or may be damaging, doesn’t make business sense. One of the things that damages websites rankings is going for a quick easy fix by putting thousands of hyperlinks back to a webpage in different content sources. The most effective way of implementing links is to think strategically and be looking to create three different types for an engine.

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There is no doubt, that inbound linking as part of a source strategy in creating popularity, is one of the most critical factors that determine how you will rank in the page results. These select links show Google how important other websites think your webpage is. Think of a link as a vote of popularity from another website. The more votes your webpage gets, the more important Google or others thinks it is and the more likely it is they’ll give that webpage a good position in any target related searches.

There are of course other essential elements to consider, like on page optimization to rank well but link building is understood to be critical. Unfortunately, there is a lot of wrong information given out by link building companies as to what is a good link building campaign to boost traffic.

Here are three important areas that you need to make sure any of the link building companies you choose engages in, if they are going to build business marketing links for you.

One area is the quantity of the hyperlink back to your webpage: The more ‘good-ones’ you have to your web property the more weight it will carry to help it rank. So be sure any link building company stays clear of “bad neighborhoods” like gambling and porn sites.

Make sure they link to normal places such as high page rank article directories, press releases, wordpress blog posts, blog post comments and digital social media sites to give the quantity.

Quantity does count but you are better off with less links from higher quality internet properties.

Quality backlinks are simply connections from other net properties that the search companies already see as an authority site. These usually have a lot of other sites or other high page rank sites linking to them. Quality one way backlinks are generally tougher to get but are typically worth more because not everyone is willing to do the work to obtain them.

Often these links are found by relationships with other web site owners, guest blogging and a process of establishing marketing partnership with other companies and related internet properties. This is usually a neglected side of seo by link building companies.

You will find that there are lots of link building companies offering a large number of links for a low cost and hardly any offering top quality. The result is a poor link profile that can get a website penalized quickly and carries little authority.

The last factor to take notice of is the value of relevancy. This simply means that the backlinks are on a related web property. Because these related sites are seen as similar to yours, your site is given extra authority, which of course can lead to you being able to earn greater profit. Building a link network within your own niche goes a long way in ranking and getting the attention of your audience.

As an alternative to paying link building companies to do the job you could use a content automated tool that you can view by following this link on automated backlinks.

As we have already seen in this link building companies page not all links are created equal, so some links will only raise the authority of your site a small amount with a search engine, if at all.

However, the secret is to have a normal looking link profile with a wide spread of types because if you only have very specific type of backlinking, such as only blog comments, it can look suspicious as will all the anchor text looking the same.

When your inbound hyperlink looks artificially manipulated, a penalty from the search services may be imposed. Making sure that seo marketing link building companies will use a variety of sources is something you need to insist on as you market your offer to improve traffic.

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